About Us

Porter and Terri Davis
Who you do business with is important. You want to know that we're trustworthy and competent, and that we will take care of you.

So we want you to know up front who you're dealing with. We're not too large, and definitely not too small to meet your needs. And we're accessible. We're here and easily reachable by email or phone.

Half the fun of doing this business is enjoying our customers. We've been selling wholesale flowers for over ten years. We work hard to meet your needs with the freshest wholesale flowers and wedding flowers available. We view each relationship as a partnership, and take great joy in being a part of your success.

Rest assured that you will get the highest quality product and service. Each customer is important to us, and we treat you that way. We know that your good opinion and referral is the best advertising we can have. You can read customer testimonials to see that this is true.

Terri is a floral designer and Master Gardener. She also has a background in retail clothing and a gourmet food store. She has a fabulous garden and is a great cook. Her new passion is our first grandson!

Porter handles the sales and marketing. He has been in fields as varied as food wholesaling, retail, politics, public policy and broadcasting. He and Terri last collaborated as owner-operators of an FM "Smooth Jazz" radio station, as well as a gourmet food store.

Porter and Terri have been married over 37 years and have two happily married daughters and three grandsons.

Contact Information:

Toll Free Telephone: 877.553.9917

Mailing Address:
1624 Tall Trees Way
Oklahoma City, OK 73131

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