Daisies - April Birth Flower and more!

Wholesale fresh cut bulk daisies are wonderful flowers for April birthdays, weddings, special occasions or just to brighten your day.
The Daisy whose botanic name is Bellis perennis, is the most common Daisy and is a native of western, eastern and central Europe. Like the Primrose it is also referred to as the Common Daisy or English Daisy. In Latin "Daisy" means pretty.
The Daisy is actually an herb which symbolizes innocence, stability, sympathy and cheerfulness. The most common Daisy's are white but they can also be found in red, yellow, and purple, along with various shades in between. A daisy is generally 2-3cm in diameter from petal to petal and stands 2-10cm high. Rarely you can find them as tall as 15cm.

During the days of knighthood, suitors would wear a Daisy and the women would include a Daisy as part of their mementos to signify availability. After a proposal a ring of Daisies would be worn around the head to signify the woman's response.

Fun and interesting fact: It is believed that the name Daisy came from the phrase "day's eye" because of how the flower opens when the sun comes up and closes at night when the sun is down. Daisy's do not disappear during mowing which makes many people consider them a weed and treat them as such with weed killers.
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