Event Planners & Retailers

Welcome Event Planners, Independent Designers and Florists!

We built our business serving retail florists and independent event planners. You have special needs that often cannot be adequately met with the more limited offering of our online store. You need larger quantities, specific varieties, mixed boxes, airline deliveries, flowers that are available for more limited growing seasons, etc.

We created our online store to meet the growing demands of the general public's desire for do-it-yourself solutions to their floral needs. The cart makes do-it-yourselfers happy, and frees up our time to continue to serve floral professionals. It's a win-win solution!

We still enjoy and prize serving floral professionals. We have developed the finest sources world-wide. If the flower is in season somewhere, and is commercially available, we can probably get it.
We literally have access to the entire world market.

Many smaller retailers, independent designers and event planners have found My Flower Buyer to be a welcome change from the high prices, poor service and generally indifferent attitudes they get from local wholesalers. We offer a full-service buying service for wholesale cut flowers and foliage. Using My Flower Buyer is like having your own in-house flower buyer.

Plus, we value your business. Even if you do only a few events a year, we know they are important to you. If we help you be successful, and give you good prices and excellent service, we know you'll be back the next time. So your events are important to us, too.

We hear horror stories all the time about last minute product unavailability, or poor product, or outrageously high prices on big orders that independent operators have to pay just because they haven't had a viable alternative. Many have never bought direct before, so it seems a little bit scary at first. Don't let your fear keep you having to pay your local wholesaler for high prices, poor quality and shoddy service.

So give us a try. You'll find us to be very friendly, reliable, and appreciative of your business!

Please email us the specifics of your needs: when you need the flowers, what quantity of each variety, where we will be delivering, etc. We can get back to you with an estimated price. Or you can call us at with the specifics of your needs. Include date of event, desired arrival date, flower, size/color, and quantity at info@MyFlowerBuyer.com. Or call us at 877.553.9917.
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