I'm not a retail florist. Will you sell to me?

Do you really have FREE SHIPPING?
Yes. There is NO extra charge for shipping. It is included in the price. We ship overnight in most cases. Some internet seller say they have "free shipping," but when you read the fine print, you have to order a minimum to get free shipping. We don't condone such deceptive practices.

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada or elsewhere?
Generally we ship to Hawaii and Alaska with a $15 per box surcharge to cover extra FedEx. We have to do a separate phone order for the surcharge. Canada has draconian import fees, so we have stopped shipping there. We've also had no luck with the Caribbean, Mexico, South America or Europe.
When should I place my order?
You should place your order as soon as you know what you want. Waiting until the last minute is not advised, since our options are much more limited. Our goal is to give you the best service possible. Early ordering makes this easier.

When should I schedule delivery?
At checkout, you'll be asked for a delivery date. We suggest delivery Tuesday for a Friday event, and Wednesday for a Saturday event, for the fewest possible problems.
We ship farm fresh flowers, so the flowers should stay fresh for your event if you follow the flower care instructions on each flower web page.

When do you charge my credit card?
We will normally charge your card within a week or two of placing the order.

Do you guarantee the quality of my flowers?
Yes, we do. If your flowers are bad, we will replace them if there is time. If there is not, we will issue credit. Please note our Guarantee and Return Policy for details and specific procedures. They are simple, but need to be carefully followed in a timely manner. You need to notify us within 24 hours of delivery, but preferably much sooner. We will need enough pictures to show the problem for the number of flowers for which you have a problem and a detailed description of the problem. We need this info to get credit from the farms.

Why don't the colors of my flowers don't exactly match the pictures on the web site?
Colors can vary for many reasons, including the variety, time of year, colors on the photo and/or your monitor, etc. With flowers it is best to be flexible, going for "close enough" rather than the precision of selecting paint chips in a paint store. Flowers are products of nature and have many natural variations.

My order shows "Processing" Is it coming?
All orders show "Processing" until we enter tracking numbers and send them to the email address on your order. We carefully follow up on all orders and send them to the farms on a timely basis. Unless we have notified you otherwise, we are experiencing no problems with your order.

When will I get tracking number(s) for my order?
We will send tracking numbers when we have all of them for your order. Usually, this will be no later than the evening before expected delivery. Sometimes they will be earlier. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not have the tracking numbers until the day of delivery.

When will my flowers be delivered?
We ship everything priority overnight. Usually they will be delivered by 10:30 am. Some out-of-metro areas get FedEx delivery by noon or 4:30 pm. You can check your promised delivery time by visiting the FedEx website. If your flowers do not arrive by the expected delivery time, call FedEx directly at 1-800-GOFEDEX, or call us.

Do I need to be at the delivery address to take delivery?
It is best to have someone at the address to take possession of your flowers. If that isn't possible, leave a note instructing FedEx to leave without a signature, take next door, etc. If you have ever had FedEx leave deliveries without a signature, they will probably do that without other instructions. With no instructions, and no signature, FedEx will leave a door tag telling you they will re-deliver the next day. We don't recommend that. It is best to take possession of your flowers and get them out of the elements and processed so they can be re-hydrated. If need be, have your flowers delivered to an address where you know they will be signed for. We are not liable for delivery problems due to incorrect addresses, no one home, etc.

I'm nervous about ordering flowers online. I've never done it before or had a bad experience. Can you re-assure me?
We've been selling wholesale flowers for more than 10 years. We only work with vendors with good quality and good service. It is silly not to. We do our best to make you happy with your order because we want your future business and good recommendations to your friends. Companies without that business philosophy should be weeded out of the market. We intend to stay!

I want a specific assortment of flowers. Can I do that?
Flowers like gerberas and roses are fairly easy to order in specific assortments, IF you order early enough. Just order assorted and at checkout, specify your colors in bunch increments. Assortments are much easier to do in general colors than in specific varieties, though you can ask. Many of our flowers are farm-packed with no ability to specify assortments.

What if I want to cancel my order?

Any cancellation may be subject to a processing fee of $15.00. No cancellations accepted 7 days prior to delivery date. At that time orders will already be scheduled with the farm, possibly in transit, and not available for sale to other customers.

You haven't answered my questions above. How can I contact you?
You can either email your questions to us at Porter@MyFlowerBuyer.com or call us toll free 8 am to 6 pm central time at 877-553-9917.

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