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RR-FR   .Freedom Red Rose
GERB-ASST   .Gerbera Daisy - Assorted
R-YEL-ALS-GOLD   Aalsmeer Gold Yellow Rose
AC   Acacia
R-WHT-AKITO   Akito White Rose
R-CRM-ALEXIS   Alexis Cream Rose
R-LAV-ALLURE   Allure Lavender Rose
ALSTRO-ASST   Alstroemeria Lilies - Asst
ALSTRO-LTPK   Alstroemeria Lilies - Light Pink
ALSTRO-OR   Alstroemeria Lilies - Orange
ALSTRO-PCH   Alstroemeria Lilies - Peach
ALSTRO-PINK   Alstroemeria Lilies - Pink
ALSTRO-PUR   Alstroemeria Lilies - Purple
ALSTRO-RED   Alstroemeria Lilies - Red
ALSTRO-WHT   Alstroemeria Lilies - White
ALSTRO-YEL   Alstroemeria Lilies - Yellow
R-WHT-AMELIA   Amelia White Rose
R-LAV-AMNESIA   Amnesia Lavender Rose
R-WHT-ANASTASIA   Anastasia White Rose
R-PINK-ANNA   Anna Pink Rose
R-GARD-APHRODITE   Aphrodite Hot Pink Garden Rose
ASPIDISTRA-VAR   Aspidistra - Variegated
ASPIDISTRA-GRN   Aspidistra Green
R-SPRAY-ASST   Assorted Spray Roses
ASTER-ASST   Aster - Asst. Colors
ASTER-PUR   Aster - Purple
ASTER-WHT   Aster - White
ASTER-SOL   Aster - Yellow Solidago
R-PINK-ATTACHE   Attache Pink Rose
R-GARD-AUGUSTA-LOUISE   Augusta Louise Garden Rose
R-LAV-AVANT-GARDE   Avant Garde Lavender Rose
GYP-PERF   Babys Breath (Gypsophilia)
BEARGRASS   Bear Grass - Greenery
BELLS   Bells of Ireland (Molucella)
R-BI-COL-BIG-FUN   Big Fun Bi-Color Rose
RR-BB   Black Bacarra Red Rose
RR-BM   Black Magic Red Rose
R-WHT-BLIZZARD   Blizzard White Rose
R-LAV-BLUE-CURIOSA   Blue Curiosa Lavender Rose
BUP   Bupleurum
POM-BUT-ASST   Button Poms - Asst
POM-BUT-BNZ   Button Poms - Bronze
POM-BUT-GRN   Button Poms - Green
POM-BUT-RED   Button Poms - Red
POM-BUT-RUST   Button Poms - Rust
POM-BUT-WHT   Button Poms - White
POM-BUT-YEL   Button Poms - Yellow
Calla-GG   Calla Lily - Green Goddess
CALLA-WHT   Calla Lily - Large White 28+ inches
R-GARD-CARAMEL   Caramel Antique Garden Rose
CARN-ASST   Carnation - Assorted
CARN-CHRIST   Carnation - Christmas
CARN-PINK-DARK   Carnation - Dark Pink Bi-Color
CARN-BURG   Carnation - Fancy - Burgundy
CARN-GREEN   Carnation - Green
CARN-PINK-HOT   Carnation - Hot Pink
CARN-MINI-ASST   Carnation - Mini Spray - Assorted
CARN-MINI-YEL-OR   Carnation - Mini Spray - Bi-Color Yellow-Orange
CARN-MINI-BRG   Carnation - Mini Spray - Burgundy
CARN-MINI-GRN   Carnation - Mini Spray - Green
CARN-MINI-HTPK   Carnation - Mini Spray - Hot Pink
CARN-MINI-LAV   Carnation - Mini Spray - Lavender
CARN-MINI-PEP   Carnation - Mini Spray - Peppermint
CARN-MINI-PINK   Carnation - Mini Spray - Pink
CARN-MINI-PUR   Carnation - Mini Spray - Purple
CARN-MINI-RED   Carnation - Mini Spray - Red
CARN-MINI-WHT   Carnation - Mini Spray - White
CARN-MINI-YEL   Carnation - Mini Spray - Yellow
CARN-MOONAQUA   Carnation - Moon Aqua
CARN-MOON-ASST   Carnation - Moon Series Assorted
CARN-MOONLITE   Carnation - Moonlight
CARN-MOONSHADE   Carnation - Moonshade
CARN-MOONVISTA   Carnation - Moonvista
CARN-OR   Carnation - Orange
CARN-OR-LT   Carnation - Orange Light
CARN-PEACH   Carnation - Peach
CARN-PEP   Carnation - Peppermint
CARN-PINK   Carnation - Pink
CARN-PUR   Carnation - Purple
CARN-RED   Carnation - Red
CARN-WHITE   Carnation - White
CARN-YEL   Carnation - Yellow
R-BI-COL-CARROUSEL   Carrousel Bi-Color Rose
RR-CH   Charlotte Red Rose
R-BI-COL-CHER-BRDY   Cherry Brandy Red-Yellow Bi-Color Rose
R-BI-COL-CIRCUS   Circus Bi-Color Rose
R-BI-COL-CEZ   Classic Cezanne Dark Pink Bi-Color Rose
RR-CL   Classy Red Rose
COCCULUS   Cocculus - Greenery
R-EARTH-COFFEE   Coffee Break Earth Tones Rose
R-YEL-CONGA   Conga Yellow Rose
R-LAV-COOL-WATER   Cool Water Lavender Rose
COONTIE-FERN   Coontie Fern
R-PINK-COSMIQ   Cosmiq Hot Pink Rose
R-SPRAY-CRM-ILSE   Creamy Peach Spray Roses
R-SPRAY-CRM-WHT   Creamy White Spray Roses
R-CRM-DE-CRM   Creme de la Cream Rose
POMS-CREMONE-LAV   Cremone Mums - Lavender
POMS-CREMONE-PINK   Cremone Mums - Pink
POMS-CREMONE-WHT   Cremone Mums - White
POMS-CREMONE-YEL   Cremone Mums - Yellow
CURLY-WILLOW   Curly Willow Tips
POMS-CUSHION-ASST   Cushion Poms - Asst
POMS-CUSHION-BNZ   Cushion Poms - Bronze
POMS-CUSHION-LAV   Cushion Poms - Lavender
POMS-CUSHION-OR   Cushion Poms - Orange
POMS-CUSHION-PUR   Cushion Poms - Purple
POMS-CUSHION-RED   Cushion Poms - Red
POMS-CUSHION-WHT   Cushion Poms - White
POMS-CUSHION-YEL   Cushion Poms - Yellow
ORC-CYMB-ASST   Cymbidium Orchid - Assorted
ORC-CYMB-GRN   Cymbidium Orchid - Green
ORC-CYMB-OR   Cymbidium Orchid - Orange
ORC-CYMB-PINK   Cymbidium Orchid - Pink
ORC-CYMB-RED/BURG   Cymbidium Orchid - Red/Burgundy
ORC-CYMB-RUST/BROWN   Cymbidium Orchid - Rust/Brown
ORC-CYMB-WHT   Cymbidium Orchid - White
ORC-CYMB-YEL   Cymbidium Orchid - Yellow
POMS-DAISY-ASST   Daisy Poms - Assorted
POMS-DAISY-OR   Daisy Poms - Orange
POMS-DAISY-PINK   Daisy Poms - Pink
POMS-DAISY-PUR   Daisy Poms - Purple
POMS-DAISY-RED   Daisy Poms - Red
POMS-DAISY-WHT   Daisy Poms - White
POMS-DAISY-YEL   Daisy Poms - Yellow
R-PINK-DK-ENGAGEMENT   Dark Engagement Hot Pink Rose
R-PINK-DELORES   Delores Pink Rose
POMS-DISBUD-OR   Disbud Poms - Orange
POMS-DISBUD-PINK   Disbud Poms - Pink
POMS-DISBUD-ROVER   Disbud Poms - Red Rover
POMS-DISBUD-WHITE   Disbud Poms - White
POMS-DISBUD-YEL   Disbud Poms - Yellow
R-PCH-DONNA   Donna Peach Rose
EMERALD   Emerald Greenery
R-PINK-ENGAGEMENT   Engagement Light Pink Rose
R-SAL-ENGAGEMENT   Engagement Salmon Rose
R-WHT-ESCIMO   Escimo White Rose
R-PINK-ESPERANCE   Esperance Pink Rose
R-EARTH-ESTELLE   Estelle Earth Tones Rose
EUC-BB   Eucalyptus - Baby Blue
EUC-SEEDED   Eucalyptus - Seeded
EUC-DOLLAR   Eucalyptus - Silver Dollar
R-PINK-FAITH   Faith Light Pink Rose
RR-FY   Forever Young Red Rose
FOXTAIL-FERN   Foxtail Fern
TULIP-FR-APR   French Tulips - Apricot
TULIP-FR-HOTPINK   French Tulips - Hot Pink
TULIP-FR-DKLAV   French Tulips - Lavender Dark
TULIP-FR-RED   French Tulips - Red
TULIP-FR-RED/YEL   French Tulips - Red/Yellow
TULIP-FR-SAL/GOLD   French Tulips - Salmon/Gold
TULIP-FR-WHT   French Tulips - White
TULIP-FR-YELLOW   French Tulips - Yellow
TULIP-FR-LTYEL   French Tulips - Yellow Pastel
GALAX   Galax Leaves
GERB-CORAL   Gerbera Daisy - Coral
GERB-PURPLE   Gerbera Daisy - Fuchsia
GERB-ORDRK   Gerbera Daisy - Orange - Dark Center
GERB-OR   Gerbera Daisy - Orange - Lt. Center
GERB-OR-YEL-BICOL   Gerbera Daisy - Orange-Yellow BiColor
GERB-PEACH   Gerbera Daisy - Peach
GERB-PKHOT   Gerbera Daisy - Pink Hot - Lt. Center
GERB-PKLT   Gerbera Daisy - Pink Light
GERB-PKMED   Gerbera Daisy - Pink Medium
GERB-RED   Gerbera Daisy - Red
GERB-DRKRED   Gerbera Daisy - Red-Dark
GERB-WHTCRYSTAL   Gerbera Daisy - White /Dark Eye
GERB-WHTGRN   Gerbera Daisy - White-Green Eye
GERB-WHT-YEL   Gerbera Daisy - White/Yellow Eye
GERB-YEL   Gerbera Daisy - Yellow
GERB-YELCANARY   Gerbera Daisy - Yellow - Dark Center
R-YEL-GLD-STRIKE   Gold Strike Yellow Rose
WC-GRN-10   Green 10-Piece
WC-GRN-17   Green 17-piece
WC-GRN-23   Green 23-Piece
WC-GRN-33   Green 33-piece
WC-GRN-43   Green 43-piece
WC-GRN-CP6   Green Centerpieces
WC-GRN-CB24   Green Corsage & Boutonniere Package
R-SAL-HIGH-BLOOM   High & Blooming Salmon Rose
R-BI-COL-HIGH-MAGIC   High and Magic Red-Yellow Bi-Color Rose
R-YEL-HI-YEL-MAGIC   High and Yellow Magic Rose
R-SPRAY-HT-PK-BI   Hot Pink Bi-Color Spray Roses
WC-PGO-10   Hot Pink-Green-Orange 10-Piece
WC-PGO-17   Hot Pink-Green-Orange 17-piece
WC-PGO-23   Hot Pink-Green-Orange 23-Piece
WC-PGO-33   Hot Pink-Green-Orange 33-piece
WC-PGO-43   Hot Pink-Green-Orange 43-piece
WC-PGO-CP6   Hot Pink-Green-Orange Centerpieces
WC-PGO-CB24   Hot Pink-Green-Orange Corsage & Boutonniere Package
R-PINK-HOT-PRINCESS   Hot Princess Pink Rose
HYD-ANT   Hydrangea - Antique
HYD-JUMBO-WHT   Hydrangea - Jumbo White (Open Cut)
HYD-MG   Hydrangea - Mini Green
HYD-PNK   Hydrangea - Natural Pink
HYD-PUR   Hydrangea - Natural Purple
HYD-BLUE   Hydrangea - Premium Blue
HYD-WHITE   Hydrangea - Premium White
HYD-TINT   Hydrangea - Tinted
HYP-BURG   Hypericum Berry - Burgundy

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